Exactly What to Say


Do you know how rare it is to read a self-improvement book these days with little to no fluff? It seems like it’s next to impossible yet Phil Jones does just that. This is a great book with great advice that can literally be read in an hour. Which is a good thing because that means you’ll want to refer back to it often in order to sharpen your skills.


Exactly What to Say

 Phil Jones’ book is here to help. “Exactly What to Say” took me longer than normal to read because I kept sharing nuggets with my clients and colleagues. I was happy to find magic words that I regularly use in my leadership and fundraising trainings.

Just imagine yourself across from a prospect. How would you feel if they raised an objection you hadn’t considered? I bet you’re a bit like me, you’d get stressed and talk too much.

This is not a bad book. However, I would have loved to see the basis on which the author selected these phrases. I have had good success with some of these phrases. A large majority of these phrases have not worked at all in the context in which I work which is mostly internet technology products, though.


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